🥳Football Oasis

Football Oasis (FO) is a ground breaking football community game built on blockchain.

Football Oasis (FO) is a football community game based on the Ethereum blockchain, taking you into a creative and imaginative virtual football universe. Here, players are not just spectators but strategists and active participants.

Phase ①➡️PASS:

  • Players can mint, purchase, and trade FoPass, representing virtual players.

  • Holding team PASS allows players to share in the "UEFA 2024 prize pool" (up to 300 ETH) and earn Token Airdrop Rewards.

  • Connect with friends through PASS to build a community and earn community-building rewards.

All PASS Smart Contracts have been audited by CertiK, ensuring security and transparency.

Phase ②➡️ Battle :

  • Players can join team factions and support their chosen team’s liquidity to achieve the highest market cap.

  • The winning team can plunder the liquidity of a selected team.

Phase ③➡️ Oasis

  • Players can use their PASS to acquire different types of players and build their own team.

  • Grow your team by enhancing player skills, adjusting match strategies, and planning events to earn various reward tokens.

Football Oasis aims to revolutionize the gaming and football fandom experience by leveraging blockchain technology.

Whether you’re a football enthusiast or a blockchain aficionado, Football Oasis offers a diverse and engaging platform to explore, compete, and connect.

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